Wheelchair Restraints: 3 Principal Tips for Promoting Personal Safety

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The proper use of wheelchair restraints is crucial for personal safety. In simple terms, these components are designed to keep a wheelchair that's in a vehicle in the right position. This minimises the risk of the mobility equipment moving, bouncing or otherwise shifting and exposing the user to a dangerous situation. If you are not familiar with these restraints, you should consult a specialist before making any purchase decisions. This will ensure that the acquired items are the best for promoting comfort and safety. Also, consider using these simple tips before using the wheelchair restraints.

Consider Your Vehicle

The market has a wide range of wheelchair restraints, and you'll need to choose the right ones for your needs. In general, when you plan for the purchase of these products, you should evaluate your wheelchair-accessible vehicle. You must make sure that the restraints can be fitted in the space. This means that you should check on the anchor points or other holds available. Make sure that these will be compatible with the desired restraints. If your anchor points are not ideal, you might need to change the restraints or modify the holds. Also, consider evaluating the wheelchair which will be used in the vehicle. Good restraints should also be perfectly matched with the mobility unit.

Avoid DIY Installation

Installing the restraints might seem like a straightforward task because of the simplicity of the products. However, you should not be careless about this process. Poor set-up of the restraints will affect the safety of the wheelchair user. If the units cannot keep the wheelchair in place, an accident could occur during transit. Consequently, passengers could be injured.

Under ideal circumstances, the specialist provider should install the restraints. These professionals are familiar with mobility systems, so they will ensure optimal safety and performance. If you are confident and would like to handle the task, you should check the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Follow the guidelines, and do not make assumptions.

Inspect the Restraints

Finally, you should check the condition of the wheelchair restraints on a regular basis. This practice is crucial for ensuring that these elements are in a perfect state. You will be able to detect anomalies and avoid subsequent accidents. You should keep in mind that the restraints will experience wear during their service life. Therefore, you will need to plan for replacements when the components are no longer in a good state. Monitor the restraints so that you will be prepared. 

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