How to Choose a Tattoo Artist

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Are you planning on your first tattoo? Getting a tattoo is an excellent way of decorating your body, creating a permanent memorial to someone you love or just plain rebelling and expressing yourself!

A safe, quality tattoo that looks as expected and stands the test of time starts with a good tattoo artist. To ensure you find the best tattooist for your needs, consider a few simple tips you'll want to remember before you set foot inside a studio.

Previous Work 

Start your search by checking the previous work of a potential tattoo artist. A high-quality tattooist will have photos of their past clients and the tattoos they've created so that you can check their attention to detail, how well a tattoo resembles the picture or design chosen by the client, the richness of the colours and so on.

It's also good to check online reviews where you might read comments from previous clients. Note if those clients say the tattoo they got was a good replica of the photo or design they chose, if the colours stayed true and vibrant and so on.

Look for Honesty

If you bring a photo into a tattoo shop or describe the design you want, don't get discouraged if the tattoo artist says it cannot be recreated as expected! A high-quality tattoo artist will be honest with clients and note if a design is overly intricate, if your body shape won't provide a good background for the tattoo you want and so on. It's better to have them tell you the truth about your desired tattoo and work with you to create a design more suitable than to wind up with a disappointing tattoo.

Look for Cleanliness

It's good to visit a tattoo shop before you decide on a tattoo artist and note the cleanliness of their work station and their safety precautions. A tattoo artist should wear thick surgical gloves when applying a tattoo and a clean tattoo needle with every customer. Their inks should also be contained in sturdy receptacles that keep out dirt and dust.

A tattoo artist might also let you watch them work on another client; note if they use clean cloths to wipe down the tattoo as they work and if they apply fresh, clean bandages after their work is finished. This indicates that they're using safe and hygienic methods for their tattooing work and are protecting clients from infection and other health concerns.

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