3 Beautiful Packaging Tips to Sway Conscious Consumers

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Gone are the days when beauty consumers only cared about how well a product worked or how much it costs. Nowadays, over one in five Australian buyers also look at how eco-conscious a brand is before buying. What's even more interesting is that the majority are willing to pay more for green and sustainable products. If you're not making your beauty range eco-friendly, you're missing out on a lot of potential customers and increased revenue.

One great first step to making your beauty brand 'greener' is to opt for eco-friendly packaging. If you're stuck for ideas on how to go about it, here are three ways you can make your packaging less harmful to the environment and its inhabitants.

1. Use Recyclable Containers

First, think about the base of your packaging operation—the containers your products are held in. Depending on what you sell, your containers could be anything from pots for creams to pouches for scrubs. If (like most small beauty companies) you use plastic containers for your products, it could be time to reconsider. Many plastics aren't recyclable, and plastic production has a heavy manufacturing footprint.

Using recyclable packaging with a lower carbon footprint will be the first step in showing your customers that you care about the environment. The specific container material you choose will depend on your product line, and each comes with its own pros and cons. For example, aluminium production is harsher on the environment than plastic manufacturing, but recycling it gives a far bigger energy saving than recycling materials like glass does. Think about your needs, budget and environmental priorities when making your decision.

2. Ditch Packing Peanuts and Bubble Wrap

How do you stop your beauty products from getting damaged when you ship them to customers? If your answer is bubble wrap or packing peanuts, it's time to find something new. Alongside being unrecyclable, most plastic-based void fill options produce use tons of fossil fuels and produce huge amounts of greenhouse gases during manufacturing.

Instead, look towards natural options like shredded cardboard and crumpled paper. Alternatively, if paper doesn't work for your products (for example, if you're using fragile glass containers), there are now eco-friendly packaging peanuts on the market. Just note that they're often the most expensive of all the options.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Labels

Last but not least, don't forget about making your packaging labels eco-friendly too. There are two main ways you can make them kinder on the environment. First, look for a custom label supplier who can print your design using vegetable-based inks or another natural option. Regular printing ink can release toxic chemicals during the printing process and after being disposed of. Secondly, ask your supplier for removable labels instead of permanent ones.

Many labels can't be recycled because of the materials they're made with, and there's no point in using recyclable containers if your customers can't peel off these non-recyclable labels with ease. Also, when switching to removable labels, don't forget to add a note to the design instructing customers to peel them off and dispose of them before recycling. For more information on custom labels for your product, contact your local printing service. 

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