Converting Your Custom Patio Into a Comfortable Reading Room

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For most people, a patio translates into an entertainment area. However, this is not the only way that you can utilise your patio. The great thing about custom patios is that they can be designed to suit your individual needs. Therefore, if you do not have a reading room in your home, then the perfect place to create your book haven can be your patio! If you are sceptical about this design idea, read on for a few of the features that will convert your custom patio into a comfortable reading room.

Set up the patio with plush furniture 

When you read for leisure, it is unlikely that you will want to do so behind a desk sitting on a chair. And if you are a reader that loves to change their position when immersed in a story, then it is essential to invest in plush furnishings that will offer your body much needed support as you relax. Instead of purchasing one-seater chairs, consider a chaise lounge that allows you to stretch as you lie down. You could even opt to purchase a daybed that can be used by multiple people at a time without infringing on anybody's comfort. Lastly, include some throw pillows to ensure the utmost comfort when laying down at your custom patio.

Keep the noise out

If you are to concentrate on your books in your patio reading room, then it is imperative to try your best to keep as much noise as possible away from your haven. But soundproofing an exterior space can be challenging, more so if you live next to a busy street. So, what should you do? The first thing would be to enclose the custom patio with some screens or bifold doors. These types of enclosures allow you the flexibility to open up your patio to the degree that you want. Secondly, install some timber blinds, which work to muffle noises from the outdoors when they are shut. Thirdly, purchase some padded carpeting, which also helps in muting any footfalls.

Prioritise lighting

The great thing about a custom patio is that you can ensure that you make the most of the natural lighting that is available to you. For instance, instead of employing opaque enclosures for your privacy, you can install double glazed windows that function to allow the sunrays in but keep the radiant heat out. If you have any privacy concerned, elect to tint the double glazed glass, so that outsider cannot peer into your reading room. Additionally, install overhead and task lighting for the occasions you choose to lounge on your patio past sunset. 

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