Wedding Hire Service Upgrades Every Bride Should Consider

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As a new bride, you need to work with your groom and your maid of honour to plan the ideal wedding. You need to consider every aspect of the wedding service from the venue to the photography. When you use a wedding hire service, you likely look for the basics. The truth is, many wedding hire services offer a lot more than just the basics. Here are a few of the service upgrades every bride should consider and what you need to know about each one.

Florist Services 

One of the biggest stress related choices for brides is finding the right florist. You may find one that has the right arrangements but can't deliver to your venue location. You may also find ones that can deliver to the venue, but do not have the arrangement options you are looking for. You can avoid this stress by going with a wedding hire service upgrade that includes florist services. Many wedding hires will offer an on-site florist option or have several florists that are in their network and available to you.

Catering Services

Catering can be a difficult thing to work with when you are planning a wedding. You may want to have a simple buffet reception with a wedding cake. You may also want to have the wedding cake and have a more relaxed desert style gathering. These options may not be available with different catering options near you. In fact, some catering options for wedding parties tend to have only a few options that they offer for the wedding reception. Instead, you can use the wedding hire service upgrade of using their on-site catering for your wedding. You can give the catering service exactly what you want and work with them to come up with a menu that works for your dream wedding.

Reception Decor

You may have your catering and florist chosen. You may also have your photography and transportation chosen as well. However, your reception decor can be a bit difficult. You may find that you are making a lot of the decor or spending a large amount of money on it. Your wedding hire service may offer reception decor rental. This upgrade may also come with the option of several different themes including increasingly popular options like rustic and barn style. This means you have the decor you want without a large bill or being stuck with the items afterwards.

These are just a few of the wedding hire service upgrades every bride should consider. If you have specific ideas for your wedding, consider a consultation with your wedding hire service. They may be able to handle more than you think and help reduce your stress for your big day.

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