Things You Can Do Regarding Efficient Residential Irrigation System During Drought

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If you're an owner of a piece of a lawn, you probably already have a sufficient sprinkler system to keep your land alive and green. Residential irrigation systems can sometimes become slightly controversial, especially during periods of extensive droughts. Maybe you've found the need to change your irrigation system because of this. Being aware of restrictions and the different alternatives for your irrigation system might help you with getting the most out of your sprinklers, without having to waste too much water.

Choose your type of pump wisely

The most important part of your irrigation system is the pump. This is what supplies your sprinkler with water. Different types of pumps have different qualities. Talk to your electrician when getting a new pump for your irrigation system to be fully aware of what type of irrigation your land needs and how you can avoid spending an excessive amount of water.

Possibly the best type of pump to use in dry areas might be the turbine pump. It's a mixture between a surface centrifugal pump and a submersible pump. The motor is located on the surface, which makes for easy maintenance, but the pump itself can be placed underground or in wells. Why it's effective to use in dry areas is because it can fluctuate depending on the water supply.

Avoid causing yourself trouble in times of restriction

There are many restrictions for when a sprinkler system is allowed, especially for residential use. In some areas, only dripping sprinklers are allowed, regardless of the current weather. If you live in an area where irrigation restrictions are applied often, make sure you have a pump for your system that is easily manageable. You will want to be able to adjust its settings and sometimes turn it off completely without having to dig for it or submerge yourself in a well. Getting an electrician to do this for you every time new restrictions are imposed can be quite expensive and unnecessary. This is why, for example, submersible pumps might be a poor choice, even though they are more easily manageable than other pumps.

During extraordinary conditions

In truly severe conditions, you should avoid residential irrigation completely. In situations where the drought isn't that severe, but still imposes a restriction of water supplies, you should just turn off your irrigation system and resort to watering your land by hand. Different water restrictions may apply to different areas, and it's important you take notice of these restrictions. You can talk to your electrician about different solutions for when the weather changes; solutions like timers and rain sensors are available for most irrigation systems for when the drought can't allow you to spend too much water on irrigation.

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