Line Marking Products to Enhance Road Safety

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Line marking is critical for all roads on business premises. These marks are crucial to directing motorists to parking spaces, one-way roads and even restricting vehicles from accessing certain areas. However, most business owners tend to assume that line marking is only about painting lines on their complex's roads, but this is inaccurate. Line marking goes beyond outlining your roads by also employing safety products that will minimise the risk of accidents on your commercial property. If you are looking to bolster the road safety on your promises, the following are some road safety products that you can employ.

Painted guardrails

Unlike regular fencing rails, guardrails are designed for heavy-duty performance. These types of barriers are installed to ensure the protection of motorists from losing control of their vehicle and crashing into a hazardous area. Additionally, the guardrails also help in keeping any pedestrians on your premises from being injured by wayward cars. The guardrails have to be painted so that they stay conspicuous on your property. These line marking products are typically installed on carparks, but you could have them installed on any location that you want to prevent entry of cars.

Heavy-duty bollards

Also referred to as crash bollards, these products are designed to endure high impact without collapsing. Thus, their primary function is to prevent runaway cars from crashing into a building that is adjacent to the road. You could also choose to employ heavy-duty bollards as a preventative measure to keep vehicles from driving onto spaces allocated for pedestrians. When used in tandem with the regular line marking, the crash bollards can significantly increase the safety of your commercial premises.

Temporary bollards

This removable variety of bollards are convenient when you intend to restrict movement of vehicles to parts of your commercial property temporarily. Removable bollards are especially suitable if you are undergoing any renovations on your commercial property but still want to leave access to different parts of the parking and the complex itself. The bollards can then be removed after hours so that the renovations can be carried out without access being limited to your contractors.


Another type of line marking product that you may find convenient for your commercial premises is parking sentries. These products are typically utilised to stop motorists from parking in specific areas of your complex. For instance, if you have designated parking for tenants and a spare bay for visitors, you can employ parking sentries to stop visitors from accessing the tenants bay and vice versa.

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